Requesting & Reporting Options

For clinicians using MediLab service we offer an electronic results transfer system through LabCollector.


Manual request form requesting option also available with printed results reporting.


Results will be sent in encrypted format to any number of predetermined email addresses. Copy reports will be emailed automatically to email addresses on the system.


For private patients, please contact us directly.


For more information please contact us at:

Postal Services

Postal pathology services should be considered by all practices in Jersey who need a rapid delivery service to the UK referral laboratories.


MediLab offers a postal referral service for clients in Jersey requiring samples to be sent off island using Royal Mail Tracked 24 and DHL Tracked.


Changes with Royal Mail mean that ALL pathology postal packs are now made up with Tracked 24 returns. This provides a particularly suitable method of transport for any healthcare organisation. 


Postal pathology with Tracked 24 returns provides:


  • Simple and convenient sample handling throughout the UK for most tests. 
  • It is not suitable for microbiology or coagulation samples
  • Scope for large and small numbers of samples 
  • Next morning delivery via Royal Mail or DHL.

Sample Collection

MediLab provides a dedicated medical sample collection service on a scheduled or ad hoc basis from practices in Jersey.


High-risk samples should be clearly labelled and packed separately from other samples.


MediLab Collect cannot transport samples containing Hazard Group 4 pathogens, such as Ebola fever or Viral Haemorrhagic Fever.


We also offer an on-site phlebotomy service, to allow sample collection and processing to be efficient and time effective.


We offer a wide range of test profiles and individual tests, please refer to the test profile pages for further information.

Superior Service

We offer on-site appointments with results within 2 working days

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