May 2024

MediLab Ltd has updated several important Cardiac markers. One test of vital importance, which can significantly improve patient outcomes is our test for Heart-Type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (H-FABP). This test is able to help aid diagnostically with differentiating between coronary pain and non-cardiac chest pain.


H-FABP is released into the bloodstream within 30 minutes of a heart attack, and is also released from the heart during the early stages of a heart attack. Due to its small size, it can be detected when the heart cells are being damaged, rather than at the stage when cell death has already occurred (current troponin test). The test can also be used to identify people who are at high risk of heart attack in the near future.


MediLab is pleased to offer this test along with several other Cardiac markers.

March 2024

We listened to customer feedback and wanted to make our booking process easier! We have now built in an online booking calendar to our website to make booking your health check even easier.

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February 2024

MediLab is proud to include Lipoproteins as part of our testing regime, extending our repetoire to meet our customers needs. The test set includes Lipoprotein (a) Lp(a), Apolipoprotein A (Apo A) , Apolipoprotein B (Apo B).


Lipoproteins are particles made of protein and fats (lipids). They carry cholesterol through your bloodstream to your cells. A lipoprotein (a) blood test can give you a more accurate understanding of your risk than a routine cholesterol test that only measures your total LDL and HDL cholesterol level. That’s because a routine cholesterol test may show that your LDL cholesterol level is “healthy,” but if a large percentage of your LDL cholesterol is carried by lipoprotein (a) particles, your risk for heart disease and stroke could still be high.

January 2024

MediLab has acheieved a new milestone by upgrading our Quality Management System to a state of the art software provided by our new partner who is trusted by laboratory and quality managers at some of the world’s best known healthcare and research facilities.


This allows MediLab to digitise, streamline and improve the day to day management of quality and compliance providing us with the tools to meet our regulatory compliance requirements.

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